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thinkers and leaders!

IJC has grown from a "new kid on the block" to a popular name in the north, thanks to our status as Centre of Excellence for New Media and more. Having recently celebrated a decade of achievements and growth, we will continue to focus on academic excellence, leadership development and future-readiness in every student based on our college values which are Humanity, Integrity, Clarity, Agility and Professionalism (HI-CAP).

Halogen National Young Leaders Award

Congratulations chaNgE.PACER President Daniel Lopez (1443B) for clinching a place as one of the finalists for the Halogen National Young Leaders Award (NYLA)! This award seeks to recognise young leaders who are passionate about making social change.

Please click on this link to vote for Daniel Lopez!

Voting will close on 29 September 2015.

Digital Literacies

The Centre of Excellence of New Media boosts a forward-looking Digital Literacies programme that seeks to empower youth with the capacities for the future workplace. Given the role of technology as a key driver shaping tech and non-tech industries, it is critical that young leaders of the future possess a macro appreciation of the potential of new media and smart technologies. More importantly, they need to understand how to race with digital tools and machines.

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Student Leadership

In alignment with the belief of each Innovian to be an "Active Citizen, All-Round Leader", students are developed through a holistic and comprehensive two-year programme. Our leadership philosophy is that all our students are leaders and the development of leadership in our students must be intentional and developmental, with a long-term perspective in mind. A Leadership and Character Index (LCI) is available for all students to reflect and develop on their individual leadership journey.

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Innova Press

The Innova Press pioneering reporters are proud to present to you our first issue: Northern Lights - Illuminations. In the words of Herman Melville, the Northern lights are like a "billion blades that glowed", "retreating and advancing", only to leave the watcher very much in awe. Like the Aurora Borealis, Innova Press aspires to be the lights up North, inspiring and illuminating our readers with new perspectives on school, society, and life in general.

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