With a decade under our belt, IJC has grown from "new kid in the block" to a household name in the north of the nation. In fact, IJC has had impact on the whole nation thanks to our status as Centre of Excellence for New Media. While our college celebrates our achievements in the previous year, we also want to take stock and look forward to a new cycle of growth.

This year, we will be celebrating our 10th anniversary, with much to celebrate and to be thankful for in the first decade of our existence. Staff and students alike are well-acquainted with the mantra of "high care, high expectations". This rich heritage has served us well, and the task at hand is to grow Innova JC from strength to strength into our second decade. Our next cycle of growth aims to further harness this passion for excellence of Innovians and to develop the college with a well-defined focus on the three big rocks in the areas of cognitive, student leadership and digital literacies.

Digital Literacies

The Centre of Excellence of New Media boosts a forward-looking Digital Literacies programme that seeks to empower youth with the capacities for the future workplace. Given the role of technology as a key driver shaping tech and non-tech industries, it is critical that young leaders of the future possess a macro appreciation of the potential of new media and smart technologies. More importantly, they need to understand how to race with digital tools and machines.

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Student Leadership

In alignment with the belief of each Innovian to be an "Active Citizen, All-Round Leader", students are developed through a holistic and comprehensive two-year programme. Our leadership philosophy is that all our students are leaders and the development of leadership in our students must be intentional and developmental, with a long-term perspective in mind. A Leadership and Character Index (LCI) is available for all students to reflect and develop on their individual leadership journey through conversations with the teachers as guides.

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Innova Press

Innova Junior College opened its doors wide to an avalanche of students and members of the public. Prospective students streamed in to experience the vivacious Innovian culture and infectious spirit. Student-leaders unabashedly welcomed visitors with their reverberating cheers. The dazzling CCA booths and special performances put up by the performing arts groups showcased the diversity of talent and intensity of passion within the college. It was indeed a sight to behold as the college presented its vibrancy unflinchingly and with much heart and soul.

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iExperienceJC Programme

This is open to all secondary school students who wish to experience the life of a JC student for a day! Register now and let us customise a unique experience for you.

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